The Challenges of Being a Nature-Lover


I love nature so much it makes me want to encourage others to share my passion for nature as well. I have recently joined a club that promotes awareness for the preservation of our environment and it gratifies my heart to know that there are a lot of people who take an active part in the ministry of protecting Mother Nature. Given the extent of damage we have collectively inflicted to our surroundings, I enjoin you to take matters into your hands and be part of us who care. The challenges are plenty but the rewards are great. Here are some of the things that you need to prepare for should you wish to become an eco-warrior.

Not Enough Numbers

Many are called but few volunteer. There is no requirement for you to become earth-friendly. All you need is to have the heart for it. Unfortunately, there is a big dearth of volunteers to cover the seemingly insurmountable task of eco-preservation. But I believe that people do care, they just need to be nudged in the right direction. Sign-up in your nearest nature club and be part of us. You are exactly what we need for the job. If you join, your rewards will surpass this lifetime and can benefit even the generations that will come after us.

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Nature at Its Finest In Movies

I have been watching a lot of movies during my free time as a special treat to myself after a week’s work. My interests vary according to my mood but there is always one thing that would provoke my passion regardless of how I feel, and that is a movie that depicts the wonderful power and beauty of nature. Just the mere sight of the grandeur of creation excites me and rejuvenates my tired body to life. It makes me fall in love over and over again that no romantic film can ever achieve. Here are the top three picks that I really enjoyed and learned a lot from.


Yes, you read it right! This Disney animation is really one awesome movie about how the world stops when it is blanketed with snow. It sort of reminds me of the polar vortex which has recently swept parts of the United States. The movie Frozen, reminds me of how difficult our daily life would be if we continue to ravage Mother Nature and it brings down its mighty wrath on us. It subtly conjures a picture of desolation and helplessness when we are enveloped in the cold hands of nature. I think we should see the movie beyond its obvious theme, and look at its other powerful message. It ought to jolt us out of the slumber of neglect and apathy with regard to climate change and global warming.

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On God’s Best Gift to Mankind: Appreciating the Beauty of Mother Nature


They say that respect is never demanded, but earned. We should do the same to our planet Earth. Environmental problems have been increasing in intensity as the years pass, taking millions of lives every year. You would think that climate change is to blame, but what caused it anyway? Nature is God’s best gift to mankind and we are taking it for granted. We always point our fingers to Mother Nature when there should be a mirror in front of us as we do it.

Yes, it’s Us.

As I learn to respect nature, I am also beginning to love my community. Climate change is mostly caused by burning of fossil fuels and this affects communities around the world. When your mother thinks you’ve been a naughty kid, she will have her own way of teaching you a lesson. This is also what Mother Nature has been doing – teaching us a valuable lesson.

On Climate Change and Our Responsibilities

Scientists have been talking about global warming for years, but we keep ignoring it. For the past 3 to 5 years, we have experienced massive earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and droughts. Having experienced first hand the wrath of Mother Nature, I know how traumatic it can be for all of us.

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Meet Nancy the Explorer

How do baby birds get oxygen while they are still inside their eggs? This is just one of the many ridiculous questions I asked when I was young. Ever since I was a kid, I always loved animals, and so without a doubt, I studied Zoology. It has broadened my knowledge about the animal world and has expanded my understanding regarding their way of living.


Fun in Zoology

There are a lot of interesting facts about Zoology. I have read them in books but more than that, I have experienced them personally in many of my mission trips. One time, during my visit to South America with my friends, I discovered that guinea pigs are traditional food in the Andes and that approximately 65 million of them are consumed annually. In another mission camp we held at the South East Asia, I finally met the largest of all living reptiles – the saltwater crocodiles.

Animals VS Nature

As I studied animals and their behavior, I fell in love with nature all the more too! For example, it’s interesting how a giant giraffe can clear its ear with the use of its 20 inches tongue. Sounds gross, right? But that is how it works with them.

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What my friends think about my alter ego

As you all know, I have been deeply in love with nature ever since and it has been one of my greatest passions to make a difference. It’s not because I’m into zoology that I find nature interesting, but instead, I became a zoology student because of this love that I have for God’s blessings.


Anyway, I know that some of you might find my love for nature a little too overwhelming, and trust me, my friends do too, but you have to understand that these things makes everything much more colorful every day. Aren’t you amazed by God’s creations? Haven’t you wondered what life would be like if we don’t have these beautiful trees or these wonderful landscapes? It’s just what makes everything amazing and interesting. Some of my friends might think that I focus too much on the environment, but they understand that my passion for these things is just my way of showing how thankful I am to what God has given us.

If you must know though, I also have a thing for fancy cars. I especially like driving around town in a luxurious limo with a bunch of friends who like to party this way. Recently, i found a great company at that made me try their different limousines for special occasions I go to sometimes. Nothing like VIP treatment with their good looking chauffers!

My friends just love it when I party with them this way but they also know that afterwards, I tend to go back into my nature-loving self. I know that we all study these things about environment and nature in school, but I do hope you guys won’t stop learning after you leave the confines of your classrooms. Let me share with you some things about nature that would definitely make you feel thankful as I do. Here’s a quick glimpse on why I love the environment!

Animals are like magicians – they are capable of doing wondrous things with their God given gifts to survive. Did you know that snails can grow back an eye if it loses one? How about this – a flea can jump 200 times their height! That’s like a man jumping off the empire state! Elephants are cute right? But did you know that they can smell water up to three miles away? How cool is that? Continue reading ‘What my friends think about my alter ego’